(Mercedes, Texas)-”We are here to help you get recruited,” said Blue Grey All-American Bowl director of operations, Sean Ceglinsky on Sunday afternoon at Mercedes High School Tiger Stadium. “I want to thank the administration of Mercedes ISD for their hospitality. This is our first time bringing this event to South Texas. We will be back. South Texas has plenty of talented football players who can play at the next level.”
The Blue Grey All-American Bowl, founded by President and CEO John “Gus” Bell from Boston, Massachusetts, attracts thousands of high school football players, who want to play collegiate football. Bell is a former longtime NFL Sports agent.
On Sunday, Rio Grande players were tested on their broad jumps, 40-yard dash, bench press, and shuttle. Harlingen High School junior, DT Pedro Silguero maxed out with 29 reps in the 185 bench press and was named most valuable player in that category. PSJA North HS quarterback Ale Aparicio was also recognized for his quarterback talents. “He’s going to be a good one,” says Ceglinsky. Another player showing his great blocking skills was McAllen Nikki Rowe HS offensive tackle, 6’4” Gabe Dougherty. “I would love a chance to play in this game,” says Dougherty. Mercedes HS junior wide receiver Tyrell Trevino (6’0”) received a three-star rating from the Blue Grey All-American Bowl for his performances. “He’s probably one of the best receivers that I have seen this season,” added Ceglinsky.
Rio Grande Valley players met Ken Stills, a retired NFL player, who played with the Green Packers. Stills is the Blue Grey All-American Bowl head coach. His son WR Kenny Stills Jr. is currently playing with the NFL New Orlean Saints. Also in attendance was NCAA PAC-10 Washington State Cougars football player, Micah Lopez (PSJA North HS graduate). “Just a year ago, I played in the Blue Grey All-American Bowl at AT&T Stadium and it was the highlight of my life. That’s how Washington State discovered me,” added Lopez. “Now, here I am coaching these players with the Blue Grey All-American Bowl.” Ceglinsky also invited several RGV coaches to participate at Sunday’s event.
The Blue Grey All-American Bowl attracts high school football players from across the United States who all attend various football regional combines held in New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, and Texas.
Players are then selected and invited to play in the annual Blue Grey All-American Bowl held at Raymond James Stadium and AT&T Stadium featuring players from across the nation based on their combine star-ratings.
The event was sponsored by Gatorade and High School Sports Magazine. “Our relationship with the Blue Grey All-American Bowl continues to grow. Their presence in South Texas made a huge impact with these players,” said HSSM sports director, David Amador.

2022 Blue Grey All-American Bowl Football Combine alumni from South Texas. (HSSMImages)