(Austin, Texas)-The 32-6A Weslaco Lady Panthers (36-6) watched Waco-Midway (33-4) hit four homeruns throughout the game, stunning the Weslaco fans. But, in the bottom of the 7th inning, these Weslaco fans came alive and they only got louder and louder as Weslaco put on a show. “It just happened,” said MVP Andrea Ortiz. “Next thing I know, I just hit the ball.” She came up big on 3-2 count to hit the game-winning Grand Slam to send the Lady Panthers celebrating at home plate for their 11-9 win over Waco-Midway for their first UIL State 6A State Softball title.

Yes, she just hit that softball. As a matter of fact, it was a towering homerun that disappeared over the left field fence, yes, the same fence that the Texas Lady Longhorns play softball too. It was epic.

The Weslaco Lady Panthers captured its first-ever UIL State 6A Softball title in two appearances and denied the two-time champions, District 12-6A Waco-Midway its third title.

Watch Grand Slam homerun! Click on video!