(Corpus Christi, Texas)-The 29-6A San Antonio O’Connor Lady Panthers (29-1) are headed back to University Interscholastic League 6A State Softball Tournament for the sixth time in school history, and it did not come easy.

In Game Two of the State 6A Region IV finals at Cabaniss Field on Friday night against Weslaco High School, the Lady Panthers trailed 7-6 in the final inning with one out, and a hit turned into a 4-3-2 double play at the home plate to end the game. Weslaco’s Mia Rodriguez takes off from third and slid past the catcher from SA O’Connor but was called out for the possible game-tying run at home.

The O’Connor Lady Panthers first jumped out to an early inning 4-0 lead, but the Weslaco Lady Panthers rallied to cut the lead to one run.

For the 32-6A Weslaco (34-7) Lady Panthers, this series marked the second time in school history that head coach Mario Rodriguez has led his teams to the Elite 8 with one UIL tournament appearance. The Lady Panthers posted playoff wins over PSJA, San Antonio Holmes, San Antonio Harlan, and Austin Bowie to reach their second regional championship game. (HSSMImages/Breeden)

Safe? Weslaco HS runner is tagged out as SA O’Connor advances with 7-6 win in the 6A Regional Softball Championships-Game Two of the Best-of-Three series. (HSSMImages)

One thought on “6A Girls Softball Playoffs: SA O’Connor Tags Weslaco Lady Panthers, Gets Win…”
  1. Sadly, this was a glaringly blown call by the home plate umpire, he didn’t have a good view and was not in the correct position to make the call. There is conclusive video and picture evidence of the blown call. Worse yet is that the blues didn’t agree to ask for “help” or another view of the call. No matter, a game shouldn’t be left up to the decision of an official, there is always perilous risk in that. It is just sad that it was taken out of the hands of the girls, from either side, to decide the outcome. Hats off to the O’Conner squad, they are a talented and driven group. Good luck to them. A lesson to the Weslaco team;, play harder and smarter and don’t leave your fate up to the officials.

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